What Am I Doing?


For everyone that thought I was being normal and finally stopping my wandering ways you’ll be glad to know that this was a bluff.

I am in fact changing industries again. This year it’s time for me to try my hand at the film world by doing a course at the MET Film School in London.

GK Camera RigAs with everything I’ve done over the last six years I have absolutely no long term plan as to how this will work.

I do know I enjoy making things and it seemed like a good industry to try my hand at. So for six months I’ll be based out of a small one room flat in London studying practical filmmaking at an active studio in East London.

So you want to be a big time movie director hey?

Nope. I have no idea what part of the industry will take my fancy so I’m studying Practical filmmaking in a hope of discovering a role I enjoy.

While directing sounds awesome, I personally like Project managment (kind of fits with my previous studies) thus I think producing is something I might like, but who knows, I’ll tell you all in six months.

Aren’t you to old to be starting at the bottom again?

Probably but when has that ever stopped me.

While compared to my friends who are now on the board of directors, company MDs and freaking doctors I’m well behind . . . . Ok yeah I’ll admit it’s insane and possibly means I’ll be a penniless hobo for the rest of my life but meh, I’m having fun.

Where do you want to work?

The UK has an epic movie industry. They’ve filmed the bond franchise, a bunch of the Marvel movies, the new freaking EPIC Star Wars movie here. The BBC is one of, if not the best drivers of new shows and formats on the planet, as well as the commercial station here being great at commissioning new work.

Couple that with my hobo existence means I’m happy to go anywhere to film/work I think I’ll be fine.

Will this mean you’re not travelling anymore?

Nope, if anything I’m hoping this new direction will mean even more travel for a new reason.

I’m excited and I’ll apologise in advance for spamming facebook and social media with projects I’m working on, but as always I’ll do my best to make things I post awesome, or at least interesting.


From his new tiny apartment in London

GK Out!