Please Make My Film


So I figure it’s high time to grab the camera by the shutter release and get into this ‘creating shit’ so here’s the general idea.

With some 3 months left of my time as a bonafide student (yes ladies 31, unemployed and a student, please form an orderly line) I need to get a showreel going, have some experience in the producing line of work, and maybe even shoot a few things as I do like being behind the lens.

So Writers & Dreamers send me your pitches to: 

I’m looking for everything and anything that is shootable in a 2days so:

  • Original Content you have written – You must own the rights
  • 1-5 pages maxIt needs to be shootable length, Weekends are basically all we have for filming.
  • Character driven – having access to a location if the story is based off it, be realistic.
  • Compelling stories or Interesting Genre Ideas – What makes your story stand out/Different
  • ActorsGot a friend that wants to perform for free  /
  • Crew – we’ll be treating the projects as professional so roles will be assigned and we expect professionalism
  • Writers – read below



Pitch us your idea and include if you have crew, actors attached already.  Include why you want us to help produce your film, or the areas you are struggling.


We will also be doing some Brainstorming Session after 5pm in the coming weeks so if you have an Idea or Treatment that isn’t developed yet we will help you put a script together, connect you with a writing partner/s who want to help, or get some fresh eyes on your work. 


Looking for partners, or a chance to help re-write a script then we want your details so we can hook you up with projects. While it’s cool to shoot things we also want to help developement.