The Plan

So the next 2 months are a mix of hot and cold, with a trip to the mountains of Austria before heading to the warm southern provinces of India to race a RickShaw. Never one to shy away from extremes I’ve now locked in the next month and half of my life and it’s shaping up to be a killer… Read more →

A Ride to Remember

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be involved with the first annual Contiki Challenge For Change. This years event, the first of it’s kind, saw 12 riders from Europe and the US, take to the roads of France in a gruelling 460km bike ride. This was in aid of The Rainbow Children’s Trust (UK) and The Thirst Project (US) and was thought up by… Read more →

RickShaw Run

So it’s officially on – and by that I mean paid for! Yes I’m heading back to India’s south to compete in the RickShaw Classic Run from Channai. 10 Days, some 1000km, and what I assume will be an epic adventure with Hannah and Kassie. (2/3 of the superbestfriends). For more Check out the Race HERE GK Out! Read more →

Winter is Coming

It’s that time of year, the time when summer season ends, I’m unemployed, and everything is right with the world. This year is a little different as my travel plans include an extended stint in a small Austrian town, a trip back to a country I’ve already visited, and finally trying to land my next job /dream job. After four… Read more →

Airport Stress

I understand that Air travel is stressful for some, especially those travelling with small children, for older people that find it hard to move around, or people that are genuinely afraid of flying. These people have a right to be nervous and skittish. Everyone else needs to just calm down and de-stress! People, with no reason, work themselves into tense… Read more →

My Experiences with Ramadan

BBQ and Sharing food with friends – It doesn’t get any more Aussie. Reading recent articles coming out of my second home of Australia, there are reports of a boycott of Woolworth’s supermarkets because they are running a ‘Happy Ramadan’ campaign. The quotes from people offended by the posters and offers from the big supermarket are littered with the normal… Read more →

My days in Paris

The French capital is like most others, an island of culture in a sea of reality. The grand boulevards, the iconic sights, all combine to make Paris appear on most travellers ‘must visit’ list. Even for the septics like myself after a few visits Paris will change your opinion of her and now, like me, have you looking forward to… Read more →

The Buried Life are…

Really nice guys! It’s a beautiful sunny day and we’ve escaped the log-jam that is the centre of Florence. Just a 20 minutes drive and both side of the road are lined by the wooded, vibrant, vineyard filled Tuscan hills that skirt the capital of Tuscany. A hand is waved, we pull the Lancia rental car over onto the dirt… Read more →

The Buried Life – My Next Gig

So I’ve failed in one of my own 30Before30 goals, the one that states I will ‘Write, write, and write some more’. Well that stops now. Along with a pledge to update the blog every week, I will also be uploading a video a week to Youtube. The content will vary, based on what I’m up to that week, but… Read more →