Monkeys Steal Your S**T


Day nine of our trip and I’m in the sweat seat for the morning drive. Our plan is to follow other people with GPS/Google maps. Along with them we’ve decided to skip a few of a the challenges that don’t interest us and instead head straight for the Tiger Sanctuary.

Today is about seeing more of the indian backroads, maybe seeing some tigers, and trying not to get robbed by monkeys while at a waterfall.

LakeRickTeams-smallI’m going to state from the outset we have more chance of seeing tigers in london zoo. Every local we spoke to told us there was no chance, that they tigers were Sleeping, away, dead, basically we weren’t going to see them.

We were also pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen because they let us into the wildlife park in our rickshaws, which are basically tiger snack delivery systems due to the lack of doors.

Once in the park those there is a far more sinister threat – that being of horney, theiving monkeys. These cheeky little bastards aren’t even that scared of humans meaning that while I was sitting in our rickshaw one climbed onboard and stole our wet wipes.

They are also quite sexually active, with a couple of them having a bit of a playtime in the back of the ‘Bob Billies’ Rickshaw, and the alpha male monkey working his way along a wall having sex with each monkey he came across.

On our way out of the wildlife reserve (tiger reserve) we made a second stop at the lake where we made a dance video and took pictures because it was truly a lovely sight.

GK Out!