Life Philosophy

Do What I Enjoy

Since 2009 the main idea behind my life is doing things I enjoy, things that make me smile, or let me experience a new part of the planet and it’s culture.

For some this is screams ‘fear of commitment’, for others this resonates because sitting still just isn’t an option.

Just Leap, Worry About The Landing Later

Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith, say yes to a new adventure and figure out how to make it all work later. I’m not saying it’s always the best idea, or easy, or cost effective, but it has the bonus of being exciting.

Saying yes has lead to:

  • Riding Highest Railway in the World
  • Getting Paid to visit egypt
  • exploring mexico
  • Hiking the back route to Machu Picchu
  • Going to Chile
  • Exploring Washington DC
  • Spending Christmas in Rome
  • New Years in Amsterdam
  • Driving a rickshaw across india while turning 30
  • So much more

Money: You Will Be Broke

Life as a travelling nomad means you’ll spend most of your excess cash on things that others just don’t understand. You’ll buy flights and bus tickets,