Gave Life A Try


For my Nieces and Nephews, 

I’ve been mugged, destroyed my knee, gotten fatter, then skinnier, and balder all the while.

I’ve watched sunsets and sunrises while drinking local moonshine. I’ve eaten food I can’t pronounce, or even name at times, but all of it was wonderful once I got it down.

I’ve slept in dorms and on buses, in airports and hotels. Been bitten by bedbugs, in many many towns.

I’ve ridden elephants and coaches, and crashed a motorbike twice.

Each city I awoke in has sounds that make it its own, and I’ve listened to the call to pray watching thousands leave their homes, then at sunset parties erupted in the streets, and strangers offered me food.

And while riding a bike through Tibet I share tea on the side of the road, with farmers that had nothing except pride in their tiny stone home.

And on the banks of the holy river, I tried to do yoga, I sweated and strained and pulled my back, but it worth it just to say I had.

Because the biggest thing I’ve discovered as I’ve walked these many roads

Is that while we all claim to be different in the end I know, we all seek the same things, love, happiness and a place to call home. Some of us this concept is a little fluid, we wander don’t you know.

I’ve visited with monks and priests, and yogis and their message is the same, love they neighbour, and don’t judge kill or maim.

Because in the end we’re all human, we’re born we live, we die, and in the middle all that matters is that you gave this life a try.



Unca Glenn