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George’s Boat – The best day on Tour


I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy George’s boat seven times over the past five years. It’s a day of cruising the Ionian sea, eating lovely food, doing water-sports and generally relaxing.

George has been entertaining Contiki tours for over 40 years, and now well into his 60s he is still going strong.

What many won’t realise is how nice George is to the staff. We come to visit rarely, our visits last a day and we’re gone. For some like me we get to see him a few times a year, but for others it might only ever be once. This doesn’t matter. George treats you like family, be it some extra food from his own private stash in the bow, to smiles and hugs.

Looking through the photo books of yesteryear, something George only allow people he has got to know, you’ll see the debortuary of days of old. The crazy 70s & 80s, with excess hair EVERYWHERE and a freedom from clothing seldom seen these days due to the over abundance of cellphone cameras.

So to celebrate these days I’ve been making videos of my time onboard. For those that have been I hope these trigger happy memories, for those that have never had the chance I hope this makes you book a ticket.

Had a great day on George’s Boat swimming, eating his famous chips, and generally enjoying the beautiful surroundings that is Corfu.



3 Wheels, 2 seats, 1 Hell of a Ride

It’s been four months since the end of my second adventure in India. This trip I had the chance to see more of the south of the sub-continent, perched in the ever vibrating, always loud, three wheeled death machine that is an Auto Rickshaw. The Trashmobile, named for our group of friends known as the Trashbags due to the lifestyle choice of… Read more →

A Ride to Remember

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be involved with the first annual Contiki Challenge For Change. This years event, the first of it’s kind, saw 12 riders from Europe and the US, take to the roads of France in a gruelling 460km bike ride. This was in aid of The Rainbow Children’s Trust (UK) and The Thirst Project (US) and was thought up by… Read more →

Hiking Video

GK World Tour Ep6: Hike in the Langtang region of Nepal with to very beautiful, patient and thoroughly lovely Americans – they put up with a broken, complaining Aussie (ME) for more than a few days. Read more →