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Gave Life A Try

For my Nieces and Nephews,  I’ve been mugged, destroyed my knee, gotten fatter, then skinnier, and balder all the while. I’ve watched sunsets and sunrises while drinking local moonshine. I’ve eaten food I can’t pronounce, or even name at times, but all of it was wonderful once I got it down. I’ve slept in dorms and on buses, in airports… Read more →

Please Make My Film

So I figure it’s high time to grab the camera by the shutter release and get into this ‘creating shit’ so here’s the general idea. With some 3 months left of my time as a bonafide student (yes ladies 31, unemployed and a student, please form an orderly line) I need to get a showreel going, have some experience in… Read more →

Week1: What Did I learn

So the major takeaway from week one is…I don’t know shit! While self taught is great, and youtube is brilliant for learning new skills, NOTHING compares with being shown a process by a professional in the flesh. I’ve always known this but when you’re shown something you’ve been doing for 5 years in a new way that makes it 100%… Read more →

What Am I Doing?

For everyone that thought I was being normal and finally stopping my wandering ways you’ll be glad to know that this was a bluff. I am in fact changing industries again. This year it’s time for me to try my hand at the film world by doing a course at the MET Film School in London. As with everything I’ve… Read more →

3 Wheels, 2 seats, 1 Hell of a Ride

It’s been four months since the end of my second adventure in India. This trip I had the chance to see more of the south of the sub-continent, perched in the ever vibrating, always loud, three wheeled death machine that is an Auto Rickshaw. The Trashmobile, named for our group of friends known as the Trashbags due to the lifestyle choice of… Read more →

Monkeys Steal Your S**T

Day nine of our trip and I’m in the sweat seat for the morning drive. Our plan is to follow other people with GPS/Google maps. Along with them we’ve decided to skip a few of a the challenges that don’t interest us and instead head straight for the Tiger Sanctuary. Today is about seeing more of the indian backroads, maybe… Read more →

Quick Update

I’ve been slack not updating the blog on this trip, but never fear things are coming – I’ve taken the less is more approach and will take some time to refine and reword my blatherings, edit the video, and sift through the photos before posting the results. So far I’ve spent two weeks in a Rickshaw with wonderful friends, a… Read more →

The Plan

So the next 2 months are a mix of hot and cold, with a trip to the mountains of Austria before heading to the warm southern provinces of India to race a RickShaw. Never one to shy away from extremes I’ve now locked in the next month and half of my life and it’s shaping up to be a killer… Read more →

A Ride to Remember

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be involved with the first annual Contiki Challenge For Change. This years event, the first of it’s kind, saw 12 riders from Europe and the US, take to the roads of France in a gruelling 460km bike ride. This was in aid of The Rainbow Children’s Trust (UK) and The Thirst Project (US) and was thought up by… Read more →