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What Am I Doing?

For everyone that thought I was being normal and finally stopping my wandering ways you’ll be glad to know that this was a bluff. I am in fact changing industries again. This year it’s time for me to try my hand at the film world by doing a course at the MET Film School in London. As with everything I’ve… Read more →

Quick Update

I’ve been slack not updating the blog on this trip, but never fear things are coming – I’ve taken the less is more approach and will take some time to refine and reword my blatherings, edit the video, and sift through the photos before posting the results. So far I’ve spent two weeks in a Rickshaw with wonderful friends, a… Read more →

My days in Paris

The French capital is like most others, an island of culture in a sea of reality. The grand boulevards, the iconic sights, all combine to make Paris appear on most travellers ‘must visit’ list. Even for the septics like myself after a few visits Paris will change your opinion of her and now, like me, have you looking forward to… Read more →

The Buried Life are…

Really nice guys! It’s a beautiful sunny day and we’ve escaped the log-jam that is the centre of Florence. Just a 20 minutes drive and both side of the road are lined by the wooded, vibrant, vineyard filled Tuscan hills that skirt the capital of Tuscany. A hand is waved, we pull the Lancia rental car over onto the dirt… Read more →

I Can’t Sit Still

I think I may have inherited this trait from my father! The crux being that I can’t enjoy sitting around doing nothing for more than a day or two. I need a project, something to occupy my mind, something that I can focus on, work on, and hopefully see through to its conclusion. An example is the fact I can’t… Read more →

I Love Room Service!

Holy Hell where have All Inclusive resorts been all my life! I am currently sitting in my hammock, on my balcony, overlooking the sea, drinking a cocktail, on free wifi, completely content. This is how my time in Mexico is ending, with three nights at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen. Now this is not Mexico, it’s a… Read more →

Chapter 1: A New Look

I’m getting in a little earlier than I normally do for the Update to the site. For 2014 the theme will be that of a ever expanding book. Why you ask, well in truth I’m trying something a little different. You can still find the videos, and soon some new podcasts in the menu at the top. I’m still going… Read more →