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3 Wheels, 2 seats, 1 Hell of a Ride

It’s been four months since the end of my second adventure in India. This trip I had the chance to see more of the south of the sub-continent, perched in the ever vibrating, always loud, three wheeled death machine that is an Auto Rickshaw. The Trashmobile, named for our group of friends known as the Trashbags due to the lifestyle choice of… Read more →

Alpaca Tastes Like Beef

Well it does, hell for all I know it probably was beef, but as it was 20sol (Peruvian Money) cheaper than ordering beef I´m not complaining. For my first meal in Peru (outside of the hostel breakfast) I played my normal ´food roulette´ which resulted in Alpaca in some green/grey sauce and the Peruvian equivalent to baked potatoes. Because most of the… Read more →

Comedy in London

For the second time in less than a week I’m at a comedy club in London. This time ‘up the creek’ in Greenwich. The unknown comedians have a challange on their hands. The capacity crowd of around 200 are not easily amused. The MC is the real struggler having to keep a crowd happy inbetween what can be described as… Read more →

Florence – Italy

Everywhere I turn I’m confronted with images of white stone junk, David’s junk to be exact. Seriously Florence, yes you have the statue but do you really need to print his man bits on every item imaginable. For example – Why would anyone want to eat off a plate that ends up showing you a meat and two veg that is both inedible and… Read more →


From outside you can hear the band and the crowd chanting the worlds to ‘Sweet Carolyn’, as you enter the smell of thousands of slowly cooking chickens smacks you across the face. The Shear quantity of people stretching out, all with large beers swinging from their hands, is amazing. Oktoberfest is something else altogether. The festival is massive, the tents beautiful,… Read more →