About Me & World Tour

wpid-IMG_1461_0.jpgI made the decision in 2009 to take a break from the real world and make travel my life.

I still continue to do my own adventures through the many countries left to explore but now for 6 months of the year I work as a Tour Manager/Guide around Europe.

This means not only do I get to stroll the many cities of this great European continent but I also get to meet 51 wonderful new people every few weeks.

Contact Me:

Email: GlennContiki(at)Gmail.com
Twitter: @gkellyBris

Instagram: @GlennGKCoco

YouTube: My Youtube Channel

Skype: g_kel_onroad

The Site:

This site will chart my progress, as well as being an outlet for the creative side of me. Here I will write, record and photograph my travels, people and places. I hope in a small way to help bring the world to the internet, letting anyone join me on the World Tour.