30 Before 30 List

OK so there are more than 30 items on the list but 30Before30 is a catchy name. I’m not saying the list is deep – far from it, in fact I’m sure there is little to no value in most of the things I’ll do but god I’ll have some great stories.

For the last four years I’ve been working with Contiki (www.contiki.com) as a tour manager and in this time have managed to not only cross off more items on the list but also for some of them be PAID to go there.

So without further a due I present 30 BEFORE 30 – There’s actually more than 30.


The List

  1. Great Wall – Not the touristy bit, I want to stand on a an overgrown crumbling section and yell “Damn you MONGOLIANs, break down my shity wall!” – DONE read and see the video here
  2. Ride the Highest Railway in the world – Between Beijing & Lhasa – 3000km across china! – DONE read and see the video here
  3. Mt Everest – I want to stand in base camp, get photo with someone/group that are going for the peak.- DONE!
  4. Capture a Photo of Mt Everest at night & at sunset on trek from Lhasa. – DONE sort of – check out the last image I took of Everest before being rushed lower due to Altitude sickness!
  5. Sail down the Nile River Like an Egyptian King – BOW MERE MORTALS! – DONE
  6. See the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings- Prove they’re actually landing pads for alien space craft! – (Yes I’m a Stargate Geek…) – DONE
  7. Hike in Peru to Machu Picchu. DONE after a 5day hike with 4 wonderful lads and a great Guide. 

    5.1 – prove the Pyramids where really landing pads for Aliens.
  8. Drink Vodka in Red Square while wearing a funny hat with ear flaps.
  9. Meet someone from every country on the planet – UPDATE: I’ve lost count – but I’ve have over 1500 people on my tours so I’m sure its well above the 70mark now.
  10. Spend a week in southern France during summer, drinking wine and writing bad poetry. (Done although the poetry was good)
  11. Drink champagne in Champagne.- Try not to giggle like a little girl when the bubbles tickle my tongue DONE – With contiki (while on tour). 
  12. Eat Drink and be merry at Oktoberfest.- Put up a tent with a big ‘Australian Embassy’ Sign and let anyone with a Aussie passport crash there!- Get as Many Friends as I can to come over and join me for the 2 weeks – See what we’ll be hitting the OKTOBERFEST celebrations in. (DONE TWICE NOW)
  13. Write, write, and write some more in different coffee shops, book stores and gardens around the globe!- About people, & all the different and crazy things I see on my travels.
  14. Eat eat and eat somemore – I’m up for trying some crazy Sh*t.
  15. Ski in the Alps- Build a snowman then run into him! – DONE
  16. Sail the Mediterranean – ok Sit on a boat and watch everyone else do the sailing bit.
  17. Ibiza – yeah just go and party!
  18. Swim in a Scottish Loc – Find Nessie if I can – DONE
  19. Drink Guinness in Ireland – DONE
  20. Drink Scotch in Scotland – DONE
  21. Visit Gallipoli War Memorial in Turkey – Lest We Forget – DONE (with the Ultimate European Crew) – AND I did the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day
  22. Visit Normandy Beaches & Australian WW2 Cemetery in France – DONE
  23. Watch a WestEnd Musical (again) – DONE
  24. Boys Weekend (week) in Las Vegas – (Thanks Cameron)
  25. Float down the Ganges in India – DONE
  26. GO to a football game in England – DONE – Reading vs Crystal Palace.
  27. Jump out of a Plane – DONE
  28. White Water Raft – DONE
  29. Paraglide – DONE
  30. Learn to Fly a Helicopter
  31. Scuba Dive the great barrier reef – DONE
  32. Visit Concentration Camp – DONE (Have now been to 4 – and taken nearly 300 people to them)
  33. Roll through the Former Eastern Block – DONE
  34. St Patricks Day in Dublin – DONE (heading back for 2013)

I’m going to keep adding to this as I think of them.

The real question is what is on YOUR list? Add a comment.