3 Wheels, 2 seats, 1 Hell of a Ride


It’s been four months since the end of my second adventure in India. This trip I had the chance to see more of the south of the sub-continent, perched in the ever vibrating, always loud, three wheeled death machine that is an Auto Rickshaw.

The Trashmobile, named for our group of friends known as the Trashbags due to the lifestyle choice of being homeless tour guides, is what some would call a death trap.

Underpowered, Slow to accelerate, quick to turn & turn over, and designed not with a near 6′ foot person (as Hannah is) in mind. The Auto Rickshaw, or richshaw, is the bastion of public transportation in about 10 countries on two continents. Used as taxis, trucks, tractors, and cattle movers, the rickshaw is a versatile little beast. Air cooled, and driven by a single 2stroke motor it can reach speeds of 55kmph, maybe 60kmph if you’re heading down hill and fully loaded.  While that speed may not seem fast it’s plenty to get yourself in trouble if you turn too quick, or hit a large pothole.

Aside from the transportation India was just as I remembered it. A magnificent yet often frustrating place. With all the comforts of home, just not quite like home. This may seem silly definition but the way I describe india is that all the services you would find at home are available, but provided by people that have only ever see them on TV, so they’re a copy of a imitation. The services never quite achieve what they say they will, but never fail completely so you can’t really complain.

Then we come to food. I love indian food, a heady mix of spice and herbs. The rich sauces and fact that everything is cooked fresh means that the food is not only delicious but often healthy.

As mentioned in the top video the people of india, often given a hard time in western media, were lovely. Don’t get me wrong there was some inappropriate advances towards the two girls I was travelling with, and the photo taking was a little annoying at times, in general we found the locals to be lovely and friendly. The problem I witnessed of inappropriate touching/advances was stopped by being forceful and direct, something that westerners often don’t do because we don’t like to be seen as Rude.

While it is still not a place I’d advices first time travellers to start in, india is a travel paradise for the initiated. If you’re confident in yourself, and have enough patience to put up with changes in schedule then india is worth a visit.

GK Out

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